Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Extravablogiversapaloozathon 2006, feat. Jolt Wagon

Smilefest has faded like a weak hangover. The spring edition of the Lake Eden Arts Festival has been washed away with the other bohemian manfunk, and the fall edition is a distant hope on the horizon. Dylan and Haggard have been and gone. Bele Chere is yet a month away. And how many times can you see Phil Lesh?

No, folks. It's time to focus. On Saturday. Extrablogiversapaloozathon 2006.

That's when Pnavistan will be invaded - nay - rocked. Rocked right down to the gristle of its Greenlife lamb burgers; rocked right down to the trucked-in top soil of all those quarter-million dollar mansions (or more); and rocked right down, down, down to the highminded liberals' misbegotten dreams that Karl Rove is going to jail any time soon.

That's right, posh North Ashvegas - hold on to yer highwaisted panties. Yer going for a reality ride on the Jolt Wagon.

They're gonna rock yer balls off. And if you don't have balls, they're gonna rock your taint off. (special thanks to the MTV music awards for that little intro.)

We saw Jolt Wagon perform live a scant few weeks ago at the Montford arts fest, and we were mightily impressed. We're no good at describing music, except to say that we know what we like when we hear it. We'll let Jolt Wagon speak for itself in a moment.

We love the fact that the group sings its original music. We love the fact that the music sounds rough and hearty and a real. (More like Haywood Road than Merrimon Avenue, if ya know what we mean.) And we love the fact that they're willing to come hang with a bunch of nerdy bloggers.

Anyway, here's the music Jolt Wagon says it likes:

Richard Thompson Richard Buckner Neil Young Yo La Tengo Camper Van Beethoven Camper Van Chadbourne Eugene Chadbourne Green on Red Carter Family Freakwater Charles Mingus Bob Dylan Miles Davis Frank Zappa John Coltrane Buck Owens The Band Pink Floyd Beatles Beck Rolling Stones Meat Puppets Big Star R Crumb David Bowie The Clash Elton John Johnny Cash Elvis Costello Dinosaur Jr. Hank Williams Doc Watson Bill Monroe Gram Parsons Velvet Underground Fairport Convention Warren Zevon John Hartford Doug Sahm Joe Henry Elliot Smith Jayhawks Sonic Youth Thelonius Monk

And here's what Jolt Wagon says about itself:

Jolt Wagon is an Ashvegas-based band that focuses on writing and performing original music. We care primarily about the songs, and prefer a melody and a harmony rather than an extended jam. The band mixes a variety of acoustic and electric instrumentation — acoustic and electric guitars, banjo, mandolin, steel guitars, bass and drums — to create a wide-ranging blend of original music with roots in rock & pop, old country, hillbilly, and folk rock. If you have to label us, call it "Gritty Americana/Eclecticana."

So all you bloggers lurking out there, get off yer lazy asses and come out for a history-making party. Pnavistan will never be the same again.


Screwy Hoolie said...


That was the Mother of Impassioned Pitchmanship.

Tomorrow we'll be accepting nominations for our 1st Annual BlogAsheville Awards. Watch this space.

Edgy Mama said...

Woohoo! I'm so excited now, that I'm well...ready to party. Or take a cold shower. I'm not sure which.