Monday, May 15, 2006

going green in asheville

Task Force manual push mower
Two weeks ago, I settled on the idea of purchasing a manual push mower. I say it was a tough decision because I do not live on property with level lawn. It is considered a "sloped" property by the City of Asheville. And I would be the one manually marching up and down and around the various slopes.

It will be good exercise, I told myself. It will be good for the environment, I told myself. It won't cost $6 to mow the land, I told myself. The leader of the financial class I took a few months ago will be proud of me because I am staying within the budget. My chiropractor will love seeing me more often. It only requires minimal cost to maintain (a squirt or two of lubricant to keep the wheels and gears in motion).

I have very little regrets about purchasing the 20 inch Task Force manual push mower. It is quite a work out. It doesn't cut as cleanly as a motored mower--long grass tends to be pushed under the mower rather than cut my it. Several green mohawks sprout from those areas. Where a motored mower whould chew and spit twigs and barks, the manual mower simply stops and refuses to proceed. After removing the twip from the rotor blades, I continue. Instead of plowing through the chore of lawn care, I'm able to carefully examine the land I call home.

In some respects, going green is quite chic in Asheville. As for myself, going green is a lot of hard work, but I think it was a good decision in the long run.

[abridged and cross-posted from 1000 Black Lines]


Screwy Hoolie said...


My yard grows really fast. How often would I have to mow to keep the "mohawk" effect from happening?

Cool idea.

Phidoux said...

Y Know - I had one of those once - I actually used the thing until it wore out, then we bought an electric mower. You'll get used to the reel mower - AND it's a healthier cut for the grass...


1000 black lines said...

Maybe once a week. It takes me roughly two hours (took me about an hour and a half with a gas-powered mower) to mow more than half an acre. If your lawn is already well groomed, it should be fairly easy to transition to a manual mower.

I've noticed the grass seems to be "thicker" after a few weeks of using a manual mower. I thought it was due to the advance of Spring, but you maybe correct about it being healthy for the grass.