Friday, May 19, 2006

Buy mountain food

The 2006 edition of the Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project's popular Local Food Guide has been published. But you don't have to pick up one of the 80,000 printed copies - you can search on the Web, too, if you're looking for a mountain tailgate market, restaurant or farm that produces fresh produce.
The 85-page guide lists nearly 200 farms and all kinds of roadside stands, festivals and events on top of the local tailgate markets, farms and restaurants. It's a great little book, and it's being distributed all over the place.
Here's what the guide says about the importance of buying local:
"This guide will facilitate your connection with healthy fresh food, your neighbor farmers who grow it and those markets, grocers and restaurants that are committed to using locally grown food in their enterprises.

"By buying directly from local farmers and shopping and dining at those businesses that support local farmers, you are getting the freshest , best tasting food, contributing to a strong local economy and helping preserve our rural mountain landscape."

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1000 black lines said...

found that magalog last weekend and have discovered all the organic dives ... very cool.