Monday, May 01, 2006

Blowing Rock

Blowing Rock is more than just the name of a town. There's a real "blowing rock," a high windy place where gusts sweep up and under jutting rock. There's an old Native American legend to go with the rock, too. Lore has it that a Chickasaw maiden once fell in love with a Cherokee warrior.

They loved one another, but couldn't be together. In his love-stricken grief, the young warrior jumped from the rock. The maiden cried out, then prayed to the Great Spirit to bring him back to her. Suddenly, a great wind came up and blew the warrior back into his lover's arms.

Aside from the real blowing rock, if you go, you'll also be treated to some stunning views. As if you were on top of the world.

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zen said...

Nice shot! I love this place.