Monday, April 03, 2006

Support Local Artists

"Local production company Buried Pictures presents the premiere of independent film The Nudger. Filmed entirely in Asheville, The Nudger is a dark comedy about a woman who wakes people up for a living, and her efforts to save a suicidal man.

Starring local actors Metta Prye, Chad Oliphant, and Robert Ballard. Featuring the music of Tyler Ramsey, Sugar and The Plums, and Manband. Original Soundtrack by Todd Lemiesz of The Poles. D.P./Editor- Dougal Bailey. Art Director- Anis Crofts. Written and Directed by Lawrence Benner.

Premieres at The Fine Arts Theater, April 20th , 9:30pm."

Info and contact:


Alrighty then, Asheville.

Here is a great opportunity to help some Asheville artists, and help keep Asheville that fun, funky, artisty, cutting-edge community that so many of us know and love!

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Brainshrub said...

I have a feeling I'm going to love this movie.

Thanks for the heads-up.