Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Drinking Liberally: Without Further DeLay

Look. I started celebrating the moment I heard the news, and I haven't been without a drink ever since. In an effort to stay on this political cloud nine, Drinking Liberally, that weekly gathering of liberal lushes, independent imbibers, and green guzzlers, will gather to gloat over the unconditional surrender of The Hammer, The Bug Man, the former Majority Leader of the House of Representatives, Tom "I am the government" DeLay.

Despite this triumphant entry into the Cannon building on Capitol Hill, make no mistake, Tom DeLay is quitting so he doesn't have to lose. He's embracing that strangest of circles, the radical Christian right, as part of his Messianic plan to oust Pat Robertson as King of the Crazies.

He's forcibly gerrymandered the state of Texas. His web of dirty money extends from the Mariana Islands to Moscow to Charles Taylor's bank account. He's twisted arms and demanded fealty. He's linked to Bob Ney, Mike Scanlon, Warren RoBold, Jim Ellis, John Colyandro. But the depth of his ethical deficit will remain unplumbed until the whole Abramoff story comes out this summer. Let's not forget about that ethics legislation the Republicans promised us months ago is languishing in committee. Let's not forget that Tom DeLay taught all the House Republicans how to behave.

So come down to Drinking Liberally and raise your glass to celebrate the beginning of the end of the DeLay era. Every Thursday, 7-10pm, at Jack of the Wood, downtown Asheville. Everyone's welcome (except for you, disgraced DeLay!), so come see who you've been missing.

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