Thursday, March 02, 2006

Weather Forecast on WPVM 103.5

I had talked to some of you back during the bowling party last weekend about this but for those of you who I didn't mention it to or those who were not present, UNCA's Atmospheric Sciences Department is now doing the weather forecast for WPVM 103.5 here in Asheville. Some of the students in the department, including myself, are the ones who will be doing the forecast. We started earlier this week though we will be off next week as it is our Spring Break so most if not all of us will be out of town. We will be back the following week picking back up on the forecasts Monday, March 13th. As for me I will be doing the Monday afternoon forecasts. We will doing morning and afternoon forecast, though currently from what I understand we are only doing afternoon forecast until we get some technical issues smoothed out. So for any of you who listen to 103.5 keep an ear out for us.

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Uptown Ruler said...

nice, thks for information, vespere!

we'll be listening for ya!