Saturday, March 25, 2006

Of Ballots and Candidates

In conversations about Shuler's chances against the stalwart Taylor, I've heard lots of folks wondering whether their votes will even count, whether the voting machines will tabulate the votes they cast. While plenty of theories regarding touch-screen voting machines are out there, there's still time to make our county a paper ballot county that won't ever have to worry if Diebold has a hand in our elections.

Asheville's Democracy for America is working hard on this issue, and their next meetup on April 5th will first focus on it. From their meetup site:
"Buncombe County is about to make a decision that will affect the way we vote for years to come. Our board of elections is leaning heavily towards the electronic touchscreen machine with the so-called "toilet paper" roll of verified vote. We think paper ballots/optical scan are a much better way. If you want more information on this, or want to help secure the best voting system for Buncombe, please go to this new website, Buncombe Verifiable Voting

At the very same meeting, DFA will host democratic candidates for "Buncombe County Primary Election candidates for sheriff, district court judge, for NC state house representatives, and for the District 11's congressional seat."

This meeting sounds like a great opportunity to get involved in our local political scene. DFA has been working very hard to build grassroots activism, and DFA's local chapter leader, Anne Walch, is a force to be reckoned with. Check them out, especially if you're worried about voting machines or worried about the state of Democratic candidates.

Wednesday, April 5, 2006, 6:30 PM

Pack Library Lord Auditorium
67 Haywood St.
Asheville , NC 28801

{note: if you're a local republican, libertarian, green, etc. and would like to let Asheville know about your events on this blog, please email us at blogashevilleAThotmailDOTcom. we'll post whatever you send us}

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