Saturday, March 11, 2006

Hope all you filthy hippies had fun today!

bliss & i were down in south carolina all day today, so we couldn't make the festivities... but i hope you all had fun - and most importantly, i hope that your voices were heard loud and clear.

2006 is going to be a very contentious election cycle here in the 11th district. this is merely the first battle in what's going to be all-out war. and, to help serve as a reminder that no man is perfect no matter how red, white and blue their ties are, i pulled this little audio snippet from the satellite this morning before we left for greenville: a short documentary segment about jimmy swaggart's on-air confession to havin' him some of that hellfudge in the back of a cadillac car.

until next time, keep on blogging, folks! there's been some fantastic writing from ya'll this week - keep it up!

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