Thursday, March 23, 2006

Drinking Liberally: Tax That Beer

It's tax time again, and the citizens of this small mountain town are bellying up to the accountant and then bellying up to the bar. Drinking Liberally, that weekly gathering of left-leaners, revolutionaries, political junkies, and political operatives, comes together tonight at Jack of the Wood to answer a few simple questions:

What percentage of your tax dollars goes to pay for military spending?
What percentage of your tax dollars goes to pay for interest on the national debt?
W.p.o.y.t.d.g.t.p. for health care?
W.p.o.y.t.d.g.t.p. for alternative energies?
W.p.o.y.t.d.g.t.p. for your beer tab?

How would YOU reform the tax code if given the opportunity?

Bring your answers to these questions to Drinking Liberally tonight and every Thursday night, 7-10pm, Jack of the Wood. And if the very thought of talking taxes makes you want to scurry to the nearest liquor bottle, know that you can do both! We're a drinking club open to all people and all topics. New folks arrive every week, so come see who you've been missing.

p.s. A group of concerned citizens of western North Carolina will unveil a super secret project with enormous political implications tonight near Drinking Liberally at 8pm.

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