Friday, March 03, 2006

BlogAsheville Opportunity

Edgy Mama posted earlier this week about the Q&A with Republican candidate for Congress, John Armor. I don't know how many of you are planning on coming out, but I'd like to encourage everyone on the blogroll to come out and meet the candidate. Tonight at Drinking Liberally I heard folks wonder why they would want to attend a meet'n'greet for someone they know they disagree with and won't vote for. For them and for all the rest of y'all, I offer the following three reasons:

1. John Armor is a private citizen who's made a choice to try to change the status quo. His politics may differ from yours, but he's got the chutzpah to stand up and run. That's worthy of respect no matter who you are.

2. BlogAsheville can be among the first media outlets to tell Armor's story. This lends us credibility and legitimacy. I'd like to see the day when posting priveleges at BlogAsheville would come with a press pass to go report on anything you damn well please.

3. Charles Taylor needs an unopposed run for the Republican nomination like Chong needs another bong hit. If John Armor can make Taylor talk issues, then the campaigns will be better for it. Taylor would choose to avoid discussing any issues at all, and John Armor might be the man who forces him to take a position on hotbutton issues like the National Forest selloff, the Dubai Ports World deal, Ethics reform, etc.

4. Any excuse to hang out at Edgy Mama's Posh North Asheville Villa is a good excuse. Email her for directions at janusatannefittenglenndotcom.

I hope to see lots of you there, especially you lurking conservatives. Let's meet the man and show him some BlogAsheville hospitality. Sunday, March 5th, 4-6pm.


modpez said...

i met a well-known TV evangelist at the steamboat springs airport oew day many winters ago. he was seeing his son off, i forget why i was there. now we were both on the opposite sides of some cultural divide, but i introduced myself and mentioned that i had seen him a time or two on TV. he immediately asked if i was a christian, and i replied no. we spent the next 30 minutes or so in free floating discourse having nothing to do with pursuading the other of anything but just swapping observations on the passing scene.

modpez said...

hey i can't edit my comment above whose point was to be the more we humans can slip thru the cultural cubicals and talk as humans the better.

Edgy Mama said...

5. Know thine enemy from The Art of War.

ash said...

6. Love thine enemy, from the Bible.

Brainshrub said...

I'm looking forward to the meeting with Armor.

This should be fun.

Sweet Tea said...

besides, no democracy without debate.

Uptown Ruler said...