Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Drinking Liberally: If a Poorly Educated Rural Kid Sees a Forest Fall, Does Charles Taylor Care?


The realtors are jockeying. The developers are sifting through tract-housing plans. The rural schools are trying to educate our children without the full support of their government. And Asheville Environmentalists, Educationamilists, and Economickers are coming together on Thursday night to learn the facts and raise the bar at Drinking Liberally.

The big US Forest Service plan to sell nearly 10,000 acres of North Carolina's National Forests goes public on February 28th. Rather than properly funding rural education, the Feds are going after the public lands. Evidently oblivious to the fact that we can have natural beauty and good education, the powers that be want to sell your forests and starve our schools. {If you want a head start, here's some fun reading}

Over 30 people attended last week's gathering, and, by popular demand, we'll be focusing like a frickin' laser beam on our National Forests and the state of Rural Education. Bring your info, your vigor, and your ideas for where folks, when they aren't Drinking Liberally, can funnel their frustrated zeal.

Getting focused through beer goggles every Thursday, 7-10pm, Drinking Liberally at Jack of the Wood, Downtown Asheville. Come early, stay late, bring friends, drink beer. See you there.

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