Sunday, February 26, 2006

Better Homes and Husbands

Is the title of the first novel written by my friend and book club compatriot Valerie Ann Leff. The same novel that was recently purchased by NBC to be made into a television series.

How cool is that?

Here's what the intimidable Liz Smith has to say about the deal:

MERYL POSTER is the very smart former co- president of production at the old Miramax. She held sway for 16 years. After Harvey Weinstein shifted gears, leaving Miramax with Disney, Meryl amicably parted from Harvey and those duties. But did she rest? Not really. Looking for a good read, she picked up "Better Homes and Husbands" by Valerie Leff. Presto, she bought the rights and is now developing the property as a series for NBC. Becky Mode, who wrote the hit play "Fully Committed," is to do the pilot. Like her former boss, Mr. Weinstein, Meryl has a never-ending fever to work all the time! --New York Post, February 20, 2006

Okay, Liz is more interested in this Meryl chick than in Valerie, but as Valerie said to me in an e-mail: "It was fun to be mentioned in the same article that discussed Jon Bon Jovi's sex life and a review of the new production of 'Barefoot in the Park.'"

Although Liz writes that Jon Bon's sex life is rather tame. For a rock star. Whatever.

So, everyone go buy a copy of Better Homes and Husbands now. It's a wonderful read. AND, you'll be in the know before anyone else. When the series hits the screen, you can say: "Of course I'm familiar with the book. Read it ages ago, sweetie."

Congrats, Valerie!

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