Sunday, January 15, 2006

Weaverville Citizens for Smart Growth

Mountainstyle, whose views regarding the proposed development in Weaverville created quite a stir here at BlogAsheville, sent me the link to the group that's working hard to prevent Weaverville from growing itself under the shadow of BigBoxism. Here's a wee tidbit from the website, Weaverville Citizens for Smart Growth:
"Over the past 130 years, the town of Weaverville has grown into a wonderful and unique community that has been celebrated both regionally and nationally for our authentic small town charm. We believe that all future development in Weaverville should be at a scope and scale that contributes and preserves our town's identity and landscape. We are a small town, not a city or a suburb, and it is our responsibility as citizens to protect our home that we love so dearly. If we don't, who will?

We are committed to preserving the Weaverville we now know and love through controlled, well planned, "smart" growth. We are not opposed to growth, but we are opposed to the kind of growth that will destroy the character and charm that is Weaverville. We believe we can grow and preserve "our town" through clear and comprehensive rules and ordinances that spell out what we want and what we do not want from developers. The "we" referred to here is all the citizens of Weaverville. What the true majority of Weaverville residents want is what we must have. If we paint a clear picture of what we all want Weaverville to look like 10, 20, 30 years from now, the developers will build what we want, not what they want!"

The 85+ acre proposed development is bigger than the current Asheville Mall and the current Lowes on Tunnel Rd. combined, and this group aims to create a conversation rather than being steamrolled by international corporate interests. Go visit their site and learn more about this pivotal time in the history of Weaverville.

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