Saturday, January 28, 2006

Mmmm... Roaches!

just a quick f.y.i. to anyone wondering where they should take their families to eat the next time the opportunity presents itself... bliss & i went last night to grab a quick bite at yoshida express on tunnel road - a place that we'd dined at on several occasions and have been reasonably impressed with - only to find a cockroach scurrying across the table and onto on our serving tray after we were done eating!

normally, whenever i spot a large insect or other any other assorted vermin in a restaurant my immediate instinct is to inform the manager on duty, and usually quietly, away from other customers, thinking that if the restaurant doesn't know about it they can't take steps to remedy the problem. when we did speak to the manager, she gave us not concern or revulsion, but a goofy, nonchalant little grin. she didn't give a crap about the bugs in our food - she didn't even apologize, which is one of the first things they teach you in management training whenever a customer has a less-than-satisfactory experience.

they knew about the problem beforehand, and they're continuing to perpetuate the cause of their little infestation, whatever that may be. and that placard near the cash register that proudly displays their 95.5 health department score? completely meaningless.

so, yeah... unless you find dining with insects that are usually associated with an overall lack of sanitation and cleanliness crawling around on your table part of the charm of dining out, consider yourselves warned. i know we won't be back.


car said...

great! now that I know you won't be going to Voshida Express with your cockroach pets from your filthy hippy house, I will be eating there on a regular basis!

D L Ennis said...



Screwy Hoolie said...

Did you tell the manager that you'd be posting this information on BlogAsheville? Does she know the awesome power of BlogAsheville? BlogAsheville! Rain a hail of epithets down on Yoshida Express!

theseus said...

The result: another mile down 70, Asian on the Go.

= worth the extra distance; cheaper and cleaner.