Sunday, January 01, 2006

Loggerheads: The Movie

The indie film Loggerheads opened at the Fine Arts Theatre on Friday night, and writer/director Tim Kirkman kindly invited yours truly to see it (Hi Tim! Thanks!). Tim loves BlogAsheville, so I know he'll be by for a visit. Everyone wave at Tim. He's going to be a famous guy soon, cause he's a helluva writer and filmmaker.

There are a lot of cool things about Loggerheads, but coolest, all you Asheville lovers (and lovers of Asheville), is that it was partially filmed in our town. There are some gorgeous downtown skyline shots, several scenic mountain views, and a cameo of the quaint Asheville Regional Airport (although excepting the actual Airport sign, dude, the signage looked fake-o. I know it was fake. But still...).

Other than the signage issue, I greatly enjoyed the movie, particularly Kip Pardue's biceps (see above). Seriously, though, the acting is strong and brave. Bonnie Hunt, as always, is a pro. Tess Harper is excellent. And yes, I was moved to tears at the end of the film, without a single maudlin, Hollywoodish, rip-your-heart-out scene to get me there.

The film tells the story of a birth mother, her child, and his adoptive parents. Each of the three interwoven stories are set in one of the three distinctive geographical regions of our state—the mountains (Asheville), Piedmont (Eden) and coastal plains (Kure Beach). It's a tarheel film, for sure.

If you go see Loggerheads, your reward will be an enjoyable and, mostly, memorable 90 minutes, plus you get to support our wonderful Fine Arts Theatre AND film-making in North Carolina. Tim wants to make his next movie in Asheville. Let's help make it happen for him.

To see the trailer and read more about Loggerheads, visit their website.

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Tim Kirkman said...

Anne, thanks so much for your kind words about my film. I had a blast in Asheville, as always, and am trying to figure out a way to coax my partner into moving there permanently! Wish me luck. I hope your readers will support the film, especially since the Fine Arts Theater on Biltmore is so incredible and the people who work there are so amazing. Until next time...
Cheers and Happy New Year.