Thursday, January 12, 2006

Drinking Liberally: Human Rights, Civil Rights - Where Do We Stand?

While the stink emitting from Wolf Laurel Slopes wafts across the mountains and Charles Taylor fans the flames of xenophobia, Drinking Liberally will come together to celebrate our God-given right to righteously raise our glasses to the great leaders who have expanded the consciousness of this great nation. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is Monday, January, 16, and we'll be getting ahead of it by toasting the slain civil rights leader repeatedly...with gusto...muy mucho gusto.

Liberals, progressives, democrats, greens, etc. - Where do you stand on the civil rights issues that confront America today? Do you support Affirmative Action? Do you believe that homosexuals ought to have a civil rights movement like the one King led? How do spying programs affect or endanger civil liberties? What in the hell can we do about it anyway?

Come on out to Jack of the Wood for our Martin Luther King, Jr. Day episode of Drinking Liberally. We're there every Thursday from 7 - 10pm plotting, scheming, laughing, and toasting. It's your right to freely assemble, so get on it before it disappears into a PATRIOT ACT ether.

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