Saturday, December 24, 2005

Holiday Reading

by Christopher Guest

from The Huffington Post

The stress of gift giving, forced family visits, and too much bad food shouldn’t keep one from enjoying a good book. These are some of my favorites. Most of them have become classics. Some may be new to you.

1. The irresistible "Deke n’ Me" series by Gary Mint. I especially enjoy "Deke n’ Me Go Back in Time." In this often-hilarious tale, the boys find themselves on a witness stand during the H.U.A.C. hearings in the fifties.

Deke, with his good humor and sass, manages to throw the entire proceeding into confusion. Out of Print

2. The entire 26 volumes of the Oxford dictionary is quite an extravagant gift. In lieu of purchasing the complete collection, I would opt for volume 22, S to T. It doesn’t have the drama of D to E, or the sly humor of M to N, but it still manages to be a heartwarming read.

3. "The Race of the Century" by Lydia N. Cane. Admittedly, the title is somewhat misleading. This is the largely forgotten story of Donald B. Hinton, the inventor of the "cue card". There was, it seems, a contest in the late forties to see who could come up with the best system to prevent embarrassing on air gaffs. The tension mounts as Mr. Hinton battles fellow competitors and even death threats before finally succeeding. Out of print

4. "Packing," by Tgen Rinpoche. This former Tibetan monk reveals all he knows about how to pack for a trip. His tips are surprisingly simple and yet without any overlay of wisdom. He devotes an entire chapter to “The Weekend Trip”. If you have a tendency to read between the lines, this book discourages that tendency. Self-published.

This list is short, but well-rounded and manageable.

Happy Holidays BlogAsheville! What's on your list?


syntax said...

#1 on my reading list this holiday season is the o'grinch factor, written by minneapolis/st.paul star-tribune columnist rosa brooks...

Edgy Mama said...

I adore your posts. Post more, please!

RE: The OED. I like the last volume--XY and Z. All the random words (and the necessary Y) together.

Books gifted to me today were: The Best American Nonrequired Readig, Eldest, The Colorado Kid, and a 1936 reprinte of Why Manners are Important.