Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Breakfast, barbecue, breasts?

As I drove down Riverside Drive this weekend, I spotted this sign and had to stop. It adorns the front of the restaurant formerly known as the Kountry Kitchen, in the right-angle bend of road where several the riverfront artists' studios are situated. Most recently, the spot was Daisy's Diner or something, but nobody remembers that.

Anyway, last year's flooding knocked Daisy out of business. Now the place is coming back to life as a barbecue joint. When I stopped to snap my pic, I also spotted a cute young woman, high atop a ladder, painting the business awning. I asked if if could shoot. She said yes, and gave me some background about the sign.

The provocative placards have gotten some attention, she said. The first sign mentioned something about "sweaty swine." The next asked, "Slathered, smothered, racked or raw - How do you like your meat?" or something like that, she said. Passersby started stopping and asking if the place was going to be a strip club.

Thus the latest sign.

12 Bones barbecue should be open in about three weeks. We'll be back to give it a try.

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