Friday, November 18, 2005

Look Ma! I'm a Journalismist Now!

Great news for the pajamahadeen via dKos:
"This morning, the Federal Election Commission unanimously approved Advisory Opinion 2005-16, agreeing that the Fired Up! sites were entitled to the same press exception from campaign finance laws as are the New York Times, National Review and Sean Hannity."

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usThere has been much talk about regulating internet speech under Federal Election Guidelines. That is, some net-shy legislators who don't like a media they can't control want to require sites that advocate for specific candidates or parties to register with the FEC and meet a number of strict guidelines. Any measure like this would effectively end bloggers' rights to talk about Candidate A or Candidate X in any positive light without paying through the nose and tunneling through a pre-web tangle of red tape.

So the FEC's ruling has set a precedent in favor of citizen media. Raise your glass to the future, and get your journalisming on!

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