Saturday, November 26, 2005

A Great Guide to Asheville

The folks at Finding Asheville put together a wonderful book about Asheville, those things to do, those things to avoid. Here's what they have to say about the book:
"This guide is based on the way real people really visit a city, or at least the way we think real people should really visit a city. Going to eight different places in distal parts of town in one day not only wastes nonrenewable resources and generates air pollution, it fritters your valuable tourist time. There is more to life than driving and parking. Walking, particularly in a city of Asheville’s walkable scale, generates memories of gargoyles and trees and flowers and bricks and faces and sounds and smells. Real stuff. Driving generates memories of your dashboard and your windshield and your rear-view mirror and that irritating grinding metallic noise somewhere under the hood that you are praying isn’t going to be as expensive as it sounds."

You can pick up this wonderful resource by clicking on this link!

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