Monday, October 03, 2005

Just when you become familiar with my sig-pic and name,

I go and change it.

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Alas, I will no longer go by the name, Mountain Faerie. Just simply Sweet Tea as the name of my blog.
Same blog, same title.... same great flavor!
I'm just in a mood for things to change today, and the one thing that's so beautiful about having a blog is that we all have the power to change our world with our words, and sprinkle it with images that, we feel, represent the inner workings of our minds .


Uptown Ruler said...


Edgy Mama said...

Go, girl. Sweet Tea it is.

Sweet Tea said...

I also want to add that I was apprehensive of actually meeting other bloggers. I thought that unveiling the mystery of our identities would somehow kill the blog experience.

I was mistaken. After meeting everyone I realized that y'all are everyday people, just like me, and it has been a joy to read what you have to say beyond the stigma of civilized conversation.