Monday, October 10, 2005

Is Greensboro Showing Us The Way?

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Greensboro just hosted a weekend long bloggerama called ConvergeSouth, "the South’s first free conference focused on moving North Carolina toward breakthroughs in creativity and diversity on the Internet. Exploring the digital revolution in publishing and expression, ConvergeSouth focuses on radical digital publishing and entertainment. A two-day event on the campus of historic NC A&T State University, ConvergeSouth will focus on journalism and multimedia “web blogging” for everyone. Additional ConvergeSouth features include a nationally-known keynote speaker, multimedia and music in multiple downtown venues to which the entire community is invited."

Atrios says, "Greensboro, where I was over the weekend, is notable for its thriving blogging community. There are a lot of local bloggers who focus a great degree on local issues, and there's interaction with the local paper and candiates. Greensboro101 is the aggregator, and they're even trying (and succeeding) to sell ads to local businesses, something not all that appropriate for a "national" blog."

These folks have been getting their online act together for going on four years now, and it's starting to come together in a big way. Our own Brian Hopkins attended ConvergeSouth, but I haven't heard his reviews yet. Anonymoses Hyperlincoln points the way to a number of area blogs with coverage.

Take a look at Greesboro 101 - and think about it. It's an aggregator that, once started, is automatically updated whenever any of the contributor blogs are. Imagine a BlogAsheville that does the same thing...

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