Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The Redundant Theatre Company Theatre

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Speaking of birthdays, ya'll help me to welcome the The Redundant Theatre Company Theatre to the BlogAsheville family and to celebrate their 1 year anniversary!

"The Redundant Theatre Company Theatre is made up of five young, innovative, Asheville-based actors and theatre practitioners. By day we work in publishing, youth development, high school drama, and shoe sales. By night we converge in abandoned art galleries and storage units, creating and experimenting with the form and nature of the theatrical event."

We look forward to seeing more theater from you crazy theater folks!


Sweet Tea said...

Very interesting! I can't wait to check them out sometime. I was poking around on the site and it doesn't have any dates listed for performance days or times. Do you have the heads up?

Sweet Tea said...

Wait a sec! I know you! Why don't you find out some days and times and take this Faerie Girl out on the town, Mr. Uptown Ruler?

Uptown Ruler said...