Saturday, September 03, 2005

Monkey Business....

My sweet little brother, who has just celebrated his twenty first birthday in Spain, has been keeping the family updated on his adventures as a tourist. I'm green with that sort of loving, sibling envy. I'm thrilled that he's off having the time of his life, as well I have been concerning myself day and night for his safety. God help him...

yo! yo! yo!

I saw monkeys yesterday! We drove to Gibraltar. Elizabeth and I went to the top of this mountain and sure enough there was a monkey waiting on this wall on the side of the road. I drove up next to the monkey and was holding a casual conversation and despite the warnings about feeding the monkeys decided it might like a french fry. *Shrug*

So I reached in the bag and it jumped about four feet from the wall onto my window and grabbed me! Startled, I drove away quickly and it jumped off, unharmed but in a state of obvious and ferocious hunger. Woof! Later, we came to another stopping point and guess what, more monkeys. Two little buggers jumped on the car making it difficult for Eli to get out. Not that it was the brightest idea for us to exit the safety of our vehicle, but what the heck! We're tourists!

I was able to get out but reluctant to help poor Eli elude the unwelcome guest off of it's perch above the passenger window. It got off eventually. Poor Eli. I had to convince her to get out of the car.

More monkey talk....

Later this little monkey stole a piece of candy from another non-suspecting tourist and proceeded to hop on our car and enjoy his sugary treat. Admittedly, I walked over to the car and stood next to the little bugger who then jumped on my head. I entertained a crowd of onlookers by balancing my new found friend and walking in circles. I thought the monkey would hop off but I think he kinda liked me. He perched awhile and the notion struck me to start luring more of the teethy critters onto my body. Again, I'm a tourist! What could happen? Right?

At one point I had three monkeys on me. Somehow I managed not get bitten, pooped or urinated on. Fun! Fun!

We also saw some historic World War Two tunnels that were carved into the side of the rock of Gibraltar. We couldn't explore them all because there are thirty miles of tunnels. We did what we could.

Anyway, long story short we had a great time. Gibraltar is owned by the Brits and they are crazy! I'm going to Seville tomorrow to see the Plaza De Espana. Awesome stuff. I´ll keep up with y'all. I've got the monkeys on film so ill prove it! bye bye



Screwy Hoolie said...

Thanks for this post, Faerie, the insanity almost took over.

Sweet Tea said...

Yep. Had to do something on the fly. Yikes!