Thursday, September 08, 2005

The "Filthy Hippies" Asheville Blog

This is the funniest gag blog I've read in quite a while."Car" is an absolute genius. His ability to sound and act like a complete ass is astounding. I can't believe nobody knows it's a joke, but it obviously is, and it's great - and about my home town, no less!
Some friends thought it would be fun to take me to an Arts and Crafts festival. I enjoy the Winter Park sidewalk art festival and usually by a scenic paining or animal sculpture. I thought it would great to find a few nice knick knacks for the new condo, so off we went walking to the Lexington Arts and Fun Festival.I could not believe my eyes!!! I have not been able to post to my blog again until today I have been so shaken and sickened by what I saw--WALL TO WALL FITHY HIPPY DEGENERATES! There were booths down the middle of Lexington for 3 or four blocks with nothing but filthy hippy trash--anti war slogans and stickers, degenerate art works, music stages filled with hippy performers with weird instruments and dress.And the people! girls dressed as guys, guys dressed as girls.

Open display of public affection by homos, anti war slogans, hippy doctrines on the sidewalks, people using chalk everywhere to draw commie doctrines and pictures. It was horrible--the horror made worse by the fact that the street was filled to capacity throughout the blocks with these people with hair (and beards) down to their knees. Knotted hair everywhere--not on colored only but on many of the whites as well!!
Thank you, car, for a much needed laugh!UPDATE: There seems to be some disagreement as to whether or not it's a joke, and there also seems to be some disagreement as to whether or not it's funny. My answers are yes it is, and yes it is.

Here's why I think it's definitely a joke:The photo of "Car" on the site is hosted here:

Go check out And, the guy who runs it posts as "Cat," so they're pretty likely the same guy. The site is owned by Jack Moe, who also runs this site, Jack Moe's Outdoor Adventure.

A whitewhater rafting site... by the old, cranky conservative guy who supposedly rants about hippies? No, it's a joke. Also, yes, it's funny. Damn funny. If you can't laugh at yourself, what kind of a hippy would you be anyway???


syntax said...

i thought it was a joke the first time i saw filthyhippies a couple of weeks ago, but something nagged at me - i know people like this. the kind of people who snagged up every single rental property they could immediately after hurricane floyd a few years ago and boasted about profiting from the displaced outer banks residents in the process.

a few of them may have even had enough foresight to upgrade from their kaypro ii's. a few of them may actually have blog pages.

but you're right. it's probably a joke.

or is it?

either way, it is pretty damn funny.

waz said...

Classic stuff. Its gotta put a helluva smile on Mr. Car to see the filthy hippies throw pissed-off comments his way.

"These things had hair that was in knots all over the place like you see the colored wear in Jamaica"...


Mr. Car - please investigate how these "alien creatures" are able to maintain Trustifarian status.

ash said...

Is it a joke? I can't tell. Either way, I don't think it's all that funny.

Edgy Mama said...

Thanks, Ash, for saying, again, exactly what I was thinking.

Screwy Hoolie said...

Ditto to Ash and EM

Sweet Tea said...

I found it to be pretty darn funny if you ask me.

Sweet Tea said...

It can't be real! It can't!

Can it?

Jim Jenkins said...

A whitewater rafting site...

Not only that, if you look at his first post, you'll see that Car is heading out to see if their are any dirty hippies as he promised his good friend, Chicago blogger Eatmisery he would. What kind of a person would be a close friend of our Mr. Car? Here is a bit of a post by eatmisery:

It breaks my heart to see the babies without food or diapers. It makes me insane with grief if I think about it for too long. I'm angry that those people did not receive help quick enough. George Bush is an idiot; we all know that. Wouldn't you think that, with all the warnings that were given about Hurricane Katrina prior to its arrival on land, the government would've been better prepared to deal with its aftermath?

Why can't the troops be pulled from Iraq to help the hurricane refugees? I realize it costs a lot of money to bring them home, but didn't it cost a lot of money to get them to Iraq? This is senseless. George Bush says there will be plenty of money to help rebuild New Orleans when the war in Iraq is over. So, what programs will he be cutting to get this money?

George said...

Yeah... I just hope car doesn't get mad at me for ruining his schtick. I just saw so many people being angry at them and thought it was hilarious that he fooled them.

Good job, mr. Car. Next time I'm in asheville I'll buy you a beer. I don't LOOK like a dirty hippy, at least ;)

modpez said...

"old, cranky conservative guy"...three adjectives, the last two are pretty bad, but the first definitely puts him beyond the pale. or is it redundant these days.