Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Traffic's Up!

Thanks to the talent of our contributors and our newly famous blogroll, BlogAsheville has seen a great spike in visitors.
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The Mountain Xpress article came out on August 17th, and you can see that it really stoked the coals. Thanks again to Steve Shanafelt, Cecil Bothwell, and the whole team at Mtn.X.

To all of our new readers, we hope you'll become an active part of our online community. Comments and emails are always welcome. BlogAsheville is in a process of becoming whatever it will be, and your input will guide us.


Edgy Mama said...

Cool graph, Screwy. I've been getting lots of referrals from blogasheville's site. I love you guys!

Future Daddy said...

Awesome graph. The Xpress introduced me to the Asheville Blogging Community and I've loved it. I've been inspired to create my own blog!