Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Pop The Cap Update - CALL THE GOVERNOR!


An important point that I missed:

HB392 is NOT law yet. It goes into law ten days after passing the senate (if the legislature is still in session), or sooner if Governor Mike Easley signs the bill. He can veto the bill within ten days...though that is not likely to happen. If the legislative body adjourns this week, the governor has 30 days from the date of adjournment to sign the bill or let it pass.

1-800-662-7952 valid in North Carolina only
(919)733-4240, or (919)733-5811.

Fax: (919)715-3175 or (919)733-2120

However, according to, Basnight said that it appears the goal of adjorning by the weekend seems unlikely. The Governor has threatened to veto the budget and they feel it is unlikely that it will pass a third reading.

So we're probably fine, and it will likely still become law this sunday night at midnight, but DON'T COUT YOUR CHICKENS!

UPDATE, 8/11/05 @ 8 AM: Damn Damn Damn!

It looks like the budget is going to pass the Senate today! Which means, unfortunately, that they'll probably adjourn this week, leaving the Pop The Cap bill waiting for 30 days until it becomes law... unless the Governor goes ahead and signs it, which all signs point to a no-go. It's not that Easley is against the bill, I don't think, I just don't think he wants to be involved with it at all.

story here.

This is really annoying... but at least it's not going to stop the bill from becoming law. Call the Governor still, though! There's always a chance he'll sign it.


Edgy Mama said...

Not sure if I've ever couted chickens.

So, the party will be on the 23rd? I'll go call.

Screwy Hoolie said...

Belgian Ales...
French Trappist brew...
Obscene Malt Liquors...

This is going to be fun.