Thursday, August 25, 2005

North Carolina Earthquake?!?

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Here's a good example why Asheville citizens should read BlogAsheville.

I'm sending an email and I feel this weird rumble. I finished my email (noticed it was 11:12 PM) and walked to the back door. On the back patio, I listened and only heard the bugs' noisy cacophony.

So I surfed over to Ashevegas and found a post "House shaking:"
I totally just felt my entire house shake. What happened? Earthquake? Sonic boom?

BlogAsheville writer, Screwy Hoolie, confirmed that it was an earthquake on BlogAsheville.

U.S. Geological Survey posted all the details.. . . 3.8 magnitude on the Richter scale.

Other Asheville bloggers post about last night's earthquake. Bird on the Moon says,
It was quite the event in apartment D, home of jaybird. From a light sleep, I darted right up off the couch as I felt "the Earth move under my feet," minus the "sky come tumblin' down."

and Moonmeadow Farm writes,
Last night ... [we] were turning off lights and getting ready for bed, a low rumble started, quickly growing to a loud, deep, thundering sound, shaking the house.

The best post comes from Raphael, a veteran on earthquakes,
After 7 years in San Francisco... we've had an Earthquake in Asheville. Yes, by Cali standards it was kind of small ... Felt like a gust of wind hit my house. Then it was over. I didn't even know it was a quake until I got to work and they told me... Amateurs.

Ashevegas has added a new post.

Again, who's the eye in the storm? That's right. Asheville bloggers, baby!


Sweet Tea said...

I didn't feel a thing. Though I was sound asleep and the only thing that will move me from my slumber is the sound a screaming toddler via baby monitor.

Edgy Mama said...

Well, you know, I leave town, and the earth shakes.

Edgy Mama said...

And I'm sitting here on the San Andreas fault--how weird is that?