Monday, August 29, 2005

Bloggers riding out Hurricane Katrina

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Josh Britton and WizBang are currently blogging about Hurricane Katrina from the eye of the storm.

Both blogs have many links and updates... Josh Britton's latest update was 8:46 AM regarding damage to the Superdome's roof where thousands of residents sought refuge from the hurricane.

"Dome has hole in roof," "Hospital windows blown out" and "Collapsed buildings, massive flooding" are just some of the post titles splashing across The Times-Picayune's breaking newslog.

"Hospital Flooding" reported on Channel 6's (WDSU) newslog*.
[*newslog is a blog for media outlets]

Building collapse... People reportedly inside.
from Joe B. of MetroBlogging New Orleans. There's more damage reports posted at MetroBlogging New Orleans.
hat tip: Josh Britton


Edgy Mama said...

Thanks, Matt. I was just trolling for hurricane blogs. Take care, everyone.

Future Daddy said...

help track who's donating to relief effort


and help spread the word

1000 black lines said...

Thanks Future Daddy for the link!