Friday, August 26, 2005

asheville "freeway blogging"

has anyone else noticed the "freeway blog entries" that have been popping up on a couple of overpasses that cross over eastbound 240, near hillcrest? i saw one the other day was one that was printed on six large pieces of cardboard: "JESUS LOVES YOU BUSH DOES NOT"

i've admired freeway bloggers from afar for a while now, and i've often had designs on sneaking onto a footbridge or overpass at 3:00 am with a huge folded-up cardboard protest sign and a roll of duct tape, but lately i've preferred any subversive activities i've participated in to be more subtle and low-key, less detectable. (i.e., i can't run as fast as i used to...)

i'm going to start carrying around a disposable camera so i can hopefully capture some of this anonymous handywork on my way home from work. and if any of you shutterbugs happen to be out and about, please, snap some pics! these are like chalk drawings, washed away by the city or by concerned citizens who disagree with those sentiments.

in the meantime, mr. anonymous asheville freeway blogger guy, syntax salutes you!