Friday, August 12, 2005

Asheville Bloggers Unite!

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All of that breath-holding and finger-crossing can come to an end now, my cybersiblings. We've received confirmation that confirmed blogophile Jim Jenkins will be hosting our next blogapalooza on Saturday, August 20th from 4-9ish at his home in the Weaverville area. It's going to be a barbecue replete with the traditional fixins as well as fare for the less carnivorously inclined among us. You're encouraged to bring the beverage(s) of your choice, and we may give out a call for specific food items.

Rather than posting directions here, please email uptown ruler at to get them.

We're asking everyone to reach out to the bloggers who haven't come to our previous gatherings, so we can make this the largest meetup yet. Just go and drop a comment or an email to those bloggers you'd like to meet. And, if you've been lurking, wondering if these blog people are worth your time, wondering if you'll feel awkward, wondering if we'll all show up in our pajamas and speak in javascript, fear not. Just come. Aside from Uptown Ruler, none of us bites.


Edgy Mama said...

It might be kind of fun to show up in our pajamas.

I'm thrilled to have a replacement activity for my boondoggle that didn't doggle.

Are kids included? It's fine if not. Ours might prefer hanging with a sitter anyhow (although now our sitter is an A'ville blogger).

Screwy Hoolie said...

As far as I know, I would guess it's kid-friendly. I'll get with Jim and let you know here.

Scarlett said...

I would really like to come, but will be unalbe to travel up to weaverville with the gas prices and my next to nothing finances. Next one you have in Asheville, I would love to meet some of ya'

syntax said...

h has to work, but i think i can make it up there.

Jim Jenkins said...

Hey Ashevillians, we look forward to the pleasure of your company at the upcoming 1st Annual Blogapalooza BBQ & Freedom March. Well, actually, maybe not on the freedom march part as we're really more John Lennon than Clint Black kind of people but anyway, I digress. Please feel free to bring your spouses and kids. Dogs are a bit more problematic as we have two that are somewhat territorial.

Demblogger & I are hammering out the details as I type. For our address and directions, drop an e to Uptown Ruler. Feel free to e-mail me with any specific questions that you may have.

This couldn't be more casual folks, so come on out and have a good time. Dress as you like (pajamas are fine).

Edgy Mama said...

Thanks for the kind invite, Jim. We're thinking about leaving the kids at home (with our non-blogger sitter) unless there are going to be lots of kids?

Looking forward to meeting you!