Sunday, July 17, 2005

meet our bad neighbors

this is a photoblog i set up in order to introduce the world to our next door neighbors, almost certainly drug dealers, definitely slobs, simply because the property owners and the asheville police department don't seem to give a shit.


George said...

You know, this may be a pretty bad idea. What if they stumble on your site and see this? You'd probably be dealing with alot more than just annoyances.

Also, what's wrong with drug dealers? ;)

syntax said...

i did think about this, but we're not posting the property's address, the tenant's names, or those of the property owners. any license plate captured by our camera will be digitally blurred out before posting on the web site.

i didn't think there was anything wrong with having drug dealers living next door until one day about six months ago when someone got shot in the yard, and ended up bleeding all over our front porch trying to get us to help. (the shooting victim was also flagged as armed and dangerous...)

if i wanted to live next door to this shit i'd move to deaverview.

Screwy Hoolie said...

So are you going to move?