Thursday, July 07, 2005

Great New Restaurant in Asheville

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I'm not typically one to write up a food review or anything else for that matter (perhaps a Van Morrison album review, or the orange peel's Kasey Chambers show), but I'll be damned if I go to sleep tonight without sharing this new place. Tomato Cosina Latina is a new South/Central-American-fusion restaurant which was opened about two months ago in West Asheville by a family from El Salvador. Finally, an authentic taste of South and Central America comes to Asheville.

We started with an appetizer, Gambas al ajillo - fresh prawns sauteed with garlic and cashews, topped with saffron alioli - $5.00; we followed this with the Enslada Gringo - organic greens with cumin and lime vinaigrette, avocado, tomato and fried pumpkin seeds - $3.50. Our main course was a mouth-watering (and I know mouth-watering I'm originally from Alabama) Camarones en Salsa - sauteed shrimp tossed with butter garlic, served with tomato or green chili sauce, rice, beans, and friend plantains - $11.00.

Tired of the same ole thing? Grab your grandma and head down to one of Asheville's finest, underground restaurants, Tomato Cosina Latina. You'll probably see me there, trying the rest of their great menu. Care to take a look? See a sampling below!


Patatas Bravas - Fried potatoes with Spanish smoked paprika and chili, topped with alioli - $3.00.

Pinchos de Res - Skewered beef sirloin, with grilled scallion, chimol and a handmadde tortilla - $4.00


Churrasco Mixto - Mixed grill of skirt steak, chicken, pork, and shrimp, seasoned with salt and lime, served with rice, beans, plantains and heart of palm salad - $12.00

Paella - Combination of seafood, chicken breast, sausage and rice, topped with orange, butter, garlic, and Spanish saffron, served with fried plantains - $12.00

I'm still smiling, get thee hence, before the rest of Asheville finds out and you can't get a meal without a reservation!

Tomato Cosina Latina
South American Fusion Cuisine
1455 Patton Avenue
Asheville, North Carolina


Sweet Tea said...

If you see Leah tell her McKai's mommy and daddy sent ya!

syntax said...

oh, that sounds fantastic...