Wednesday, June 15, 2005

please allow me to introduce myself (and pay no attention to the conga drums and "oooh-oooh" vocals in the background)

call me syntax. i live in asheville, and i have a blog.

[sfx: crickets chirping]

okay, maybe a few more details... i'm a wnc transplant originally from los angeles. i moved here in 1998 after living in washington dc for a couple of rather turbulent years that i've worked long and hard to put behind me. i'm a disaffected thirtysomething who works as a beancounter for a large multinational manufacturing concern that makes things that go in machines that make things you use every day. i produce reports with lots of pretty charts and graphs that no one really pays any attention to except when the iso9000/14000 auditors are in town. they're my own personal tps reports. it's a shit job, really. which is part of the reason that i'm also currently enrolled at a-b tech, with plans to eventually get a history education degree w/"9-12" credentials and become a teacher.

if it weren't for the fact that i'm married to an incredible, beautiful and extremely patient and understanding woman (a few of you guys met her at the blog summit. she hasn't been hooked up with a new blog just yet, but we're working on it), and that i live in such a durned interestin' place like asheville, my life would probably be quite boring.

in my spare time i dabble in experimental electronic music. a web page for my current project (which is also called "the syntax of things" - synergy, i guess) is located here. there's not much there yet (just an audio collage track that was submitted to bleek sweeney's exquisite corpse audio project, and a strange mashup of mandy moore and radiohead), but some of the stuff that i did with my old "band" is available here. listen if you dare. some of it's actually pretty good, but i make no quality guarantees.

so, um... hi! :)

it was nice to meet a lot of you at the frog bar the other day - we should do that again soon! hopefully we'll be able to hang out longer next time.

hey, how do you all feel about bowling? i don't think any of the local lanes have wi-fi yet, but... it's bowling!

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Sweet Tea said...

I'm pretty rusty with the bowling but would love to get out and try sometime! Sounds like fun!