Monday, June 27, 2005

The New SideBar

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Well, friends, I've been busy at work on the side bar for the last few days. This weekend I found a number of new Asheville Blogs, and I added them to the side bar, ya'll stop by and tell em hi!

Breathlessly Simple
Tingle Alley
Dirty Greek
Stitch and Bitch
Unlaced Corset
Mister Sugar
Notes from the Cultural Wasteland
Pop the Cap
Everyday Adventures
The Kittenounettes
Outside the Box
Nothing to Do Here
North Carolina Progressive
Jake to the Bone
Blue Ridge Blog
Southern Highlands (WNC)
Lowell Allen's Latest
Moon Meadow Farm
All Things Newman
Mountain Town Guy

Additionally, I must send you to the new Asheville Artists and Galleries links. If you know of other local artists who have their own webpages, please post below or send me an email at so I can add them.

Furthermore, I was able to get us signed up with a number of the larger blog pages like blog explosion, blogarama, globe of blogs, etc. This should help send folks our way.

I've decided to do a BlogAsheville Blogaround, a Carnival of the Ville if you will, every friday, as time permits. Stay tuned!

Hope your weekend went well, and I remain, yours in blogdom...

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