Thursday, June 23, 2005

A Bunch Of Questions For Ya!

Does anybody know of any stores in the area besides Lowe's or Home Depot that sell floor tile? Hubby and I are planning on ripping up some frightening linoleum in our new home (should everything go well with inspections!)

Also, has anyone tiled a floor themselves before? Have any pointers? Hubby wants to hire someone to do it but I'm having fantasies about doing it ourselves. Book recommendations? Anything!

Just one more question! Has anyone removed wallpaper before? Any pointers there? I've heard it's a bitch to remove and the whole house it pretty much covered in the stuff.

Thanks so much!!


Screwy Hoolie said...

Howdy Faerie,

I'll look into it for you, but this is definitely a job you can do yourselves. The hardest part may be getting the old nasty up.

{the site looks funny, text of this post dropped below the sidebar...}

me said...

The tile selection is not great, but the price is right (some 12by12 marble too)


But the best selection for tile is WNC Ceramic Tile on Swannanoa Road 298 3251

Sweet Tea said...

Thanks for the info guys!!!

Uptown and I tried to fix the blog last night and gave up. We may have to save the sidebar info and reload the darn thing. No matter what post is up the screen is split. Arrrrr......

syntax said...

there's this stuff called "ez-off plus" that works good for removing wallpaper. or you could rent a wallpaper steamer, which is a little more labor intensive, but you're not dealing with freaky chemicals either...

Sweet Tea said...

It's such a hard decision! Freaky yet easier to remove with chemicals or labor intensive steamer that may help prevent cancer in the long run but is a bitch to use for the present.

I thought, and I may be mistaken, that there is a chemical solution out there that isn't toxic....? Anyway, we'll do what we've gotta do I guess! Right sweetie? *Pats Uptown-who would rather paint over the wallpaer-lovingly on the back* ;)